Javier Guzman Jr

Javier V Guzman Jr

New Mexico

Javier Guzman Jr. is the owner/operator of Mr. Phone Doctor. Javier is a Las Cruces native who graduated with a B.S. from NMSU in Marketing. As the owner, he is responsible for the financial, operational, and business aspects of Mr. Phone Doctor. He leads the development and implementation of the overall company strategy and day-to-day operations.

With his expertise, Javier brings extensive first-hand experience in the wireless industry, sales, retail, e-commerce, and imports. He is skilled at selecting and overseeing implementations of relevant and emerging technologies that help to exceed business goals. Seeking knowledge by constantly learning and exploring is a strong suit of Javier’s. He is always eager to think creatively, providing a unique point of view and enhancements to any business he is associated with.

With roots in the retail and service industry and over one decade of experience in the technology industry, he has successfully established multiple businesses from the start-up phase to fully mature and scalable businesses models. Javier’s professional journey has included positions in Verizon Wireless as a top national sales representative, an owner of an eBay store, and an importer of international electronic equipment.

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