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  • 110v to 220v Step Up Converter

    This 110v to 220v step-up converter will allow you to power all your 220v equipment. Will support up to 3000w.

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  • Forward 1000w UV Light

    High power 1000 watt ultra-violet light used to cure laminated oca. Suggested use to eliminate waving and prevent return bubbles.

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  • Forward 15 inch Tablet Manual Separator

    The Forward pump 15-inch manual separator can be used on screens up to 13″ in size. Quick heat-up time 3 programmable presets for quick temperature setting

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  • New
    Forward 361 Max Separator

    Forward 361+ separator has dual pump technology & 45° right and left swing and 360° rotating base for your LCD/OLED refurbishing needs.

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  • M-Triangel 7″ Autoclave Bubble Remover

    M-Triangel 7″ is a large-capacity, high-efficiency, low-power Autoclave bubble removal machine. Its autoclave container is 7″ deep and 6.2″ wide, suitable for all sizes of cell phone screen repair,…

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  • Sale!
    OCAMaster OM-A3 Autoclave Bubble Remover

    No job is too big or small for the OCAMaster OM-A3. With a large 15″ barrel you can autoclave the smallest devices such as Apple watch all the way…

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  • Sale! OLED 2022
    OLED 2022 Laminator USA Stock

    OLED 2022 Laminator is by far one of the best plate laminators on the market. The OLED 2022 allows you to laminate OCA to glass or OLED to Glass….

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  • Value 4L Vacuum Pump
    Value 4L Vacuum Pump

    If you want to get professional quality results you must use a good quality strong vacuum. The Value 4-litre vacuum pump is the workhorse designed for all of your…

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