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  • Anti Static Clean Room Wipes
    Anti Static Clean Room Wipes

    Anti Static Clean Room Wipes are used to clean off any residues left behind on your OLED or LCD Panels.

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  • Anti Static Rubber ESD Work Mat

    The Anti-static rubber mat is a must-have for all of your workspaces. Easy to clean and ESD to protect your electronics from any discharge. Large enough to cover spaces…

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  • Clear Opening Card

    Keep your playing cards for playing poker! This reusable sturdy multi-use clear card is used to remove the OLED panels from the frames and help remove the back glass…

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  • Cold Press Glue Black
    Cold Press Glue

    XHZC is the best cold press glue for all your frame and back glass applications. For more precise applications we recommend purchasing with the glue gun. Includes 5 pcs…

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  • Mechanic Glue

    Mechanic T7000 & E8000 glue is your non-corrosive adhesive of choice for repairing all your electronics. Easy to work with and leaves no residue behind. We recommend either black…

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  • Sale! Mechanic iR10 Pro OCA Glue Remover
    Mechanic iR10 Pro 6-1 OCA Glue Remover Tool

    Description: The Mechanic iR10 Pro OCA glue remover is highly efficient where it can be used to remove the adhesive on the LCD / OLED display by using the…

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  • OCA Cleaning Sponge

    This nifty cleaning sponge will help you remove any leftover OCA from your LCD or OLED screens. A must-have to get a nice clean finish on all your displays!

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  • OCA Dot Glass
    OCA Master Dot Glass – Samsung Glass Break Tool

    With the OCA Master Dot Glass, you can get perfect precise breaks on your Samsung screen every time. The OCA Master Dot Glass has a new tip head design…

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