REFOX DF40 Desk Cleaner




  • A soft white lamp in the upper layer produces comfortable illumination, while a green lamp in the bottom layer produces a better dust display.
  • Touch operation design, slightly tapping to turn on and off, easy to use.
  • Integrated dust control and anti-static system with 3 silent fans, an anion generator, and filter cotton.
  • Full metal shell with anti-slip bottom feet, durable and stable exterior design.
  • Designed for a small size, lightweight, portable, and space-saving.


  • Film dressing for phones and tablets;
  • Screen refurbishment;
  • Microelectronics repair, etc.

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The REFOX DF40 is the perfect solution for achieving a clean and dust-free work environment. With its versatile features, it provides efficient operations and saves time in electronic maintenance tasks. The REFOX DF40 is an exceptional desktop tool designed for a dust-free electronic maintenance and repair process. It is equipped with functions such as lighting, dust display, and removal to ensure a spotless workspace. Additionally, this device has two modes of light – white and green – to help illuminate and reveal any lurking dust particles easily.

The REFOX DF40 is widely utilized in repairing mobile phone/tablet films or LCD screens because of its multifunctional capabilities that streamline the maintenance process while also making the workspace cleaner. Overall, the REFOX DF40 saves time while ensuring efficiency in electronic maintenance tasks through its versatile features that provide a breathable atmosphere free from any particle build-up, The REFOX DF40 is ideal for dust-free and effective work conditions in the field of electronic product maintenance and screen restoration.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 8 in



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